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Day 6/183: Weekly Goal Check-in (2/52)

  • Survive Brexit. Still surviving. DONE

  • Go to the gym twice a week. I went on Monday, Thursday and Friday. 3/2 DONE

  • Don't eat meat at lunchtime. All vegetarian lunches eaten. DONE

  • Consume meat at evening meals a maximum of three times per week. No meat on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. DONE

  • Consume alcohol once per week at most. One half-pint of lager consumed on Wednesday, with dinner. Wine and whisky consumed on Friday night, while watching a BBC profile of Billy Connolly, which was excellent. NOT DONE

    I am rethinking this one, as it may be excessively puritanical, particularly when I have a week where I go out with friends. Maybe “Consume alcohol once per week socially and once at home” is a more achievable option.

  • Leave 3 comments per day on LJ and DW on other people's posts. Succeeded every day. Am doing this on train journeys to work. DONE

  • Write one community post per month. Already DONE for January.

  • Read more than ten new books this year. Finished Tricky’s autobiography, which got to be a bit of a slog at the end. Now working on “Uncommon Knowledge”, which is a series of bite-sized essays on diverse topics, published by The Economist. Some of them are surprisingly Woke. Also reading Kamila Shamsie’s “Home Fire”, although I may have to abandon it as it gave me terrible dreams last night. The subject matter is a little too raw right now, as the antagonist is a thinly veiled parody of Sajid Javid (UK Conservative Muslim MP, briefly served as Home Secretary, demonstrably quite happy to throw other brown people under the bus if that's what the party wants him to do). 2/11. PROGRESS MADE.

  • Reduce Facebook checks from once a week to once a month. No check this week. DONE

  • Eliminate the two phone games I still play. I didn’t play Pokemon Go at all this week but did play the other game. PROGRESS MADE (I’m going to say this as it is proving difficult to go cold turkey on games.)

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