Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Day 3/183: Weekly Goal Check-in (1/52)

I’m going to be putting my weekly goal check-in posts behind a cut and tagging them, so you can easily scroll on by if they don’t interest you.

  • Survive Brexit. Well. So far so good, but, you know, given that we’re still at the pre-withdrawal-agreement stage, that’s not saying much. Anyway, DONE
  • Go to the gym twice a week. I went once, on Friday, but since the gym is at work and that was the only day I was in the office, I won’t have a further opportunity until next week. 1/2
  • Don't eat meat at lunchtime. All vegetarian lunches eaten. DONE
  • Consume meat at evening meals a maximum of three times per week. Roast chicken to be eaten today. Otherwise, DONE
  • Consume alcohol once per week at most. One small beer consumed on Thursday, with friends. New bottle of white wine sampled on Saturday eve. So that's twice rather than once. Oops. NOT DONE
  • Leave 3 comments per day on LJ and DW on other people's posts. Succeeded every day. Am doing this on train journeys to work. DONE
  • Write one community post per month. Posted to [community profile] common_nature, so DONE for January.
  • Read more than ten new books this year. Although I did read more of it, I haven’t yet finished Tricky’s autobiography, so still at 1 out of 11. PROGRESS MADE.
  • Reduce Facebook checks from once a week to once a month. No check this week. DONE
  • Eliminate the two phone games I still play. Still playing them, but have managed to cut down time spent on both. NOT DONE

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