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Be Safe on Tintnet (Day 23 of 30)

I've missed a day due to inescapable slumber at 8:30 PM yesterday, sorry. The day itself was grueling and the previous two had been no less demanding so I managed to put myself to sleep while reading Humuhumu stories in order to put her to sleep. Whoops.

Anyway, here is one of the drawings Humuhumu has recently produced. It is advice on how to "Be Safe on Tintnet", given by a friendly dog with sad feet. Here is his advice.

* Ask your grown-up
* Ask your grown-up
* Ask for help
* Ask for help
* Use your tablet safely
* Use your tablet safely woof woof woof woof woof woof


* If you're not sure ask a grown-up.
* if you see a game ask a grown-up.
* don't watch stuff that you don't know.
* ask for help if you see somefing pop up

Thanks, Dog!

Also worth noting: Humuhumu has begun her first history lessons in Year 2. Their current topic is "The Great Fire of London". Can I just comment on how wonderfully northern it is to have the very first thing you learn about the capital be the fact that once upon a time, a gigantic swath of it was razed to the ground? (No prizes for guessing where the head teacher is from.) I am deeply amused.

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