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Keiki's first day at school (Day 7 of 30)

[Humuhumu and Keiki standing in front of the house, holding hands, with their school uniforms on. White hearts are covering up their school name and emblem.]

Today was Keiki's first day at school, in Reception (Kindergarten for USians). He was very proud and pleased to walk in those doors with his sister.

He also proudly told us at the end of the day, "I went to the head teacher's office! I saw the rainbow award board with all the really good school work."

With more than a slight amount of trepidation, I asked carefully, "And were you by yourself, or with other children?"

"With other children," he replied.

"And did the whole class go?"

"Yes," he said, "but we couldn't go all at once so we had to go in small groups."

Much relieved, we showered him with praise.

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