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Week in Review in phone photos

On Monday, I discovered a couple of tiny paintings of Norfolk that I did years ago - each of these canvases is 3” x 3”. The children demanded that they be put up in their room.

On Tuesday, Keiki found a newt in our garden and made friends with it.

On Wednesday, Humuhumu did a freehand drawing of a peacock, inspired by her class trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

On Thursday, I took Humuhumu to her last Rainbows session of the year. There was a water fight and we all got thoroughly soaked. I had brought a change of clothes and a towel for her, so she was fine afterward, but I spent an hour and a half squelching around (and driving home) in wet clothes and this is probably why I’m now ill.

On Friday, Humuhumu and Keiki spent the evening in the garden making homes for wood lice (pill bugs). The sign reads: “These wood lowse have a happy and good home”

On Saturday I discovered some school work I did in late primary school. In particular, this elaborate poster about Hawai’i. I detect a lot of homesickness bound up in it. Especially in the painstaking cutouts of volcanoes and pineapple.

On Sunday, we went for a long walk in the woods with our friends.

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