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I've been clearing out the conservatory after neglecting my art supplies pretty much since we moved in here seven years ago.

One of the things I discovered was that some of my works in progress had been water-damaged.

At first I was upset. One single thing made up for the loss of some precious memories: the discovery above.

Those of you with very long memories might recall that when I first moved to London, almost fifteen years ago now, I started quite a number of art projects. I completed some, others were left hanging after I found a job I could throw myself into wholeheartedly. This is one that I never finished. The plan was to take my little Lomo Supersampler film camera up and down every street in central London (using the A-Z to track where I took the photos), and select small but significant landmarks to represent a section of the grid on the OS map. I picked things that weren't obvious or permanent, like the Natural History Museum, but rather a piece of graffiti or a pub sign, something more ephemeral.

The water damage virtually erased some of the original photos. Others are intact. The effect is much more interesting than when all of them were identifiable.

I still have quite a few prints for other sections that I could use to fill in the blanks, carefully filed away in a small plastic storage tub. I'm now torn over whether to do this. Do I use them? Do I take another set of photos fifteen years later, fill it in, and stash it away in the attic, badly wrapped, for another seven years? Or do I leave it alone?

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