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Week in review, in phone photos + People's Vote march in London

On Monday, I stayed up very late working, with Snorlax and cinnamon tea for company.

On Tuesday, we installed Minecraft on the tablet.

On Wednesday, the bloke brought home my favourite Indian sweets, given to him by his post-doc.

On Thursday, Humuhumu drew an amazing picture of the family at after school club, but was interrupted before she could finish Daddy, so he is ghostly. Sorry I had to spoil it by redacting the names.

On Friday, I went to sit at a hot desk in electrical engineering, and an Iranian postdoc gave me what I can only describe as a pistachio-coated jammy dodger because it was her birthday. (The biscuit was delicious.)

On Saturday, I went to London to march with rather a lot of people who are a bit cross about Brexit.

I had an EU flag draped round my shoulders and a Union Jack on an extendable flagpole. I was wearing my European Space Agency fleece and my exclusive-to-ESRIN Rosetta spacecraft t-shirt.

There was some excellent signage: "Fromage, not Farage". "Pulling out doesn't work". "IKEA has better cabinets". "I'm 14. Rees-Mogg says I'll feel the benefit of Brexit when I'm 64. No thanks". (Hastily scrawled on both sides) "This is the back of my sign. Like Brexit, it would be better if if it were reversed". A couple carrying a pair of signs, reading "Down with this sort of thing" and "Careful now".

"20 years of peace in Ireland. Thank you EU"

Lots of "Scientists for EU" signs, and one that says, "We're stockpiling loo roll to deal with your [poo emoji]"

"Brie not Brexit"

"Bramm orth Bretmes: A fart to Brexit (Cornish curse, traditional)"

Marchers were of all ages.

There really were rather a lot of us.

It took me from 11 AM to 2 PM to get from the InterContinental hotel on Park Lane round the corner to the first Green Park bus stop. That's about 200 metres. I arrived at Whitehall around 4:10 PM and could get no closer to Parliament Square than the Horse Guards Parade. I could see one of the big screens projecting the speeches to the crowd, so I stayed to hear Lord Heseltine's very moving speech about the greatest success of the European project: decades of peace. He finished with an exhortation to resist Brexit for the sake of the young people, so many of whom were sent to the trenches time and again, which must never be allowed to happen again. I cheered, with tears in my eyes, and then departed. I had been standing or walking for six hours without a break, water, or any food other than fruit. It was my first protest march since my early teens, I still haven't recovered physically, it was completely worth it, and I'd do it again.

I hereby declare this to be the Best Sign of the People's Vote March: "Please, can we just not?" The umbrella handle, y'all.

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