Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

The Friday Five on a Tuesday

I believe these questions were meant to be St Patrick's Day themed.

  1. Have you ever made corned beef and cabbage?
    One of my grandmothers was half Irish so I have Irish heritage, although I don't believe you would ever guess that by looking at me. I helped that grandmother make corned beef and cabbage on a weekly basis, decades ago, but I don’t think I ever chose to cook it as an adult. I didn’t mind it as a child. However, it does not go with our generally light-on-the-meat menu rota for home cooking these days.

  2. Will you be tipping back a decent pint of Guinness this weekend?
    Since I’m doing this late: as of last weekend, no. I had gin, wine and ale (not at the same time). I also don’t plan to have Guinness this coming weekend. I do like stout, but I find it very heavy to drink so I don't often opt for it.

  3. Do you own an Irish wool sweater?

  4. Have you ever ‘met’ the Tart with a cart (i.e. have you been to Dublin)?
    I have been to Dublin several times in my life, most recently on a mini-break with Humuhumu and [personal profile] seismic. Entries on Dublin running back to 2005 can be viewed here for DW, here for LJ.

  5. Do you know what tractors, submarines and ejector seat all have in common?
    Well, I assumed something Irish, perhaps inventors of, or first tested by, but Wikipedia claims the ejector seat was first properly tested by a Romanian so either something has gone wrong here factually or there is a joke I'm not getting (always possible).

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