Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Week in review, in phone photos

On Sunday, it snowed big fat fluffy flakes for all of ten minutes, taking us completely by surprise after swmming lessons.

On Monday, Humuhumu brought home the Mother's Day present she'd been working on in Arts & Crafts club after school over the course of several weeks. I wasn't allowed to wait until I got home to open it.

On Tuesday, Humuhumu designed a character for Red Nose Day. He had wonky eyes and a lot of teeth, and his name was Pointy.

On Wednesday, Humuhumu drew a picture of me and her walking a cat.

On Thursday, I forgot to take a photo.

On Friday, I was treated to a posh lunch by a grateful academic.

On Saturday, Keiki experienced what would appear to be the most enjoyable activity for a four-year-old. We went to Abbey Pumping Station at Leicester, where they have a setup of a cutaway toilet and the associated drainage in transparent tubes. And, of course, a pretend poo, which you can flush and then watch it take its journey to the pipes.

Humuhumu enjoyed it too.

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