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Awesome Things My Friends Have Made #4: The Bachelor recaps

My friends, [personal profile] ankaret has restarted her "The Bachelor" recaps. I confess I have never seen the show, but I also feel I don't need to, seeing as (a) the premise is not complicated and (b) I am confident [personal profile] ankaret's descriptions are far more entertaining than actually viewing them. They contain such gems as:

Frankie is wearing a bodycon scuba long sleeved high necked mini dress in a strange repeated digital print that looks like a website using the Stargate SG-1 logo as a tiled background some time in the early nineties. I half expect a message saying 'Under Construction' to circle her waist in rainbow marquee.

You can begin reading her recaps from Episode 1 of the current "The Bachelor UK" series here.

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