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Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: Episode 7

This is the penultimate episode, which is good because I was starting to get a tiiiny bit bored. Although I don't yet know that the final episode will have been worth waiting for.

Ep 7: Clarissa and Mario.

This young couple are expecting their first child in a few months. They want to get their place ready for the baby, including converting the office (which is more like a giant closet) into a nursery.

They have two upstairs bedrooms, one of which is completely colonised by shoes. It transpires that Clarissa like shoes, but Mario adores shoes. Specifically, sneakers. He estimates he has 150 pairs. Collecting shoes, for him, is tied up with the sporting idols he admired as a child, back when he was a child in Guatemala, and then with having an income, when he could fulfill his dream of owning their shoes.

MK asks them to pile up their shoes (except Mario’s sneaker collection) and consider all of them. Mario looks as if he might cry.

The house-greeting ritual gives him a chance to collect himself. They proceed to Step 2: Assembling Mount Clothing. Very soon every surface in the room is covered with piles. Clarissa laughs in disbelief. Mario gets stuck in, although he seems to be keeping everything at first. Clarissa looks worried, then starts going through her own things although she seems to be saying no about 80% of the time. She’s a lot less sentimental about her possessions.

Mario repeatedly explains why he has such an emotional attachment to his things, and it goes back to growing up poor and not having much. You’d have to be pretty heartless not to empathise. Clarissa understands this, and even though she’s worried about the pace of his progress, she gives him the space to get there. She’s really good at not unloading her frustration on him, to let him arrive at a state when he is ready to get rid of stuff.

He gets there, finally, when he begins sorting out the garage, and finds the mailbox that was originally on the front of the house, and figures out that he can let it go because the mailbox he put on the front of the house with Clarissa means more to him.

They tidy the garage and the kitchen with great enthusiasm and efficiency.

It’s finally time for Mario to face the music: his sneakers. He still has all the boxes, of course, because he’s a collector. He finds a pair where the soles have peeled away. Clarissa: “You’re getting rid of all the shoes I’ve seen you wear!” Mario: “Yes, I’m going to wear the ones I love now.” He manages to get the total number of pairs to “under 45”. Clarissa is proud of him.

MK’s final visit. Mario: “We’re 95% of the way there...we’ll be done before the baby’s here. Well before the baby’s here.” Aww. Te trae alegria, my dude.

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