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Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: Ep 1

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Summary: Netflix series in which a disarmingly tiny Japanese woman goes into people’s homes, ostensibly to help them declutter their homes, but mostly to provide stealth relationship counseling.

Apparently this KonMari method of tidying is (was?) a bit of a craze, which naturally I have entirely missed. However, I got really into watching this, am presently alone in the evenings, and decided to live-blog it the way [personal profile] ankaret does with “The Bachelor/ette” series. (She’s much better at it than I am.) Anyway, if you’ve watched it or are watching it, please add in your own observations in the comments.

Ep 1: The Friend Family

Couple with two young children. The kids have normal-sounding names with weird spellings. It reminds me of LA Story’s SanDeE☆ (“Big S Small A Small n Big D Small e Big E and there’s a little star at the end”). They are big on sharing everything they’re feeling all the time. I find it overwhelming.

Husband works full time, very long hours. Seems good-natured, but definitely getting a frat boy vibe. Wife works part-time and loathes housekeeping. She rubs me up the wrong way. Very star-struck with MK but also seems to think that the best way to learn is by asking unnecessarily personal questions about MK’s home and life. Uncool. (This struck me later, when I saw Ep 3, and contrasted her against the woman in that family, who understood how to ask questions about how to improve her processes without being unpleasantly intrusive.)

MK: “American kitchens are so large!” Her: “They are? This is large?” Yes, yes this about sums up the extent of your privilege-blindness. :/

The house-greeting ritual. Husband is like, “hey, chance for a thirty-second nap! zzzzz” Too mystical for me. I tune out. Then the oversharing commences (Oh, Californians). Wife is weepy but can’t actually cry properly because it might screw up her eye makeup.

Wife piles up her clothes. It is a mountain. “This is embarrassing, I’m not sure why it’s embarrassing...I, like, started feeling guilty.” MASSIVE EYEROLL

Unsupervised child drinks coffee out of massive Starbucks cup, then pours it over himself. “Daddy, I need a napkin.” “I don’t think a napkin’s gonna cut it, buddy.” LULZ

Lots of low-level bickering.

Separate tidying seems to go better.

In the kitchen, we achieve a full bingo card on “Thank you, I’m excited.” You do not have to be excited about everything all the time. Especially vertically stacked Tupperware. Please stop.

“Babe, you were super hot on our wedding day.” Highly amused at husband going full Neanderthal. Suspect this is fairly indicative of his world view. Frat boy status: confirmed.

“We finished, with two young kids, it’s crazy!” That might be overstating things a bit. I mean, good job making your large and beautifully furnished home look like a catalogue and all, but I think it’s not unprecedented in the history of ever. /dry

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