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Day 354/365: Limping toward the finish line + Rose Sinister's podcast

I had hoped that I would be spending the last month of this 365 project neatly tying off loose ends, conducting elegantly crafted Seasonal-Giving-related Unscientific Polls, deftly weaving in small photography projects, and composing a beautiful tear-jerker of a final post.

Staring at a DW inbox that indicates I have 450+ unanswered comments and a recent string of access-locked posts all of which boil down to either "I'm sick" or "I'm exhausted" or both, I suspect that the envisioned triumphant gallop over the finish line, waving proudly at the cheering crowds, shall instead be a limp sweaty crawl followed by crumpling ignominiously to the floor.

Nevertheless, I shall carry on for the few remaining days. Today, I have a Seasonal Giving request as opposed to an offer.

My friend Rose Sinister began publishing her Vampires podcast this year, and it has slowly been gathering momentum. I was hooked from the first episode, being a vampire fangirl, though without Rose's depth of knowledge and capacity for mixing captivating story-telling with astute observation and a knack for dissecting works in light of the social and temporal contexts of their creators. With maybe more than a bit of an intersectional-feminist slant. I have listened avidly to all nine episodes so far on Spotify. My favourites are Episode 3 ("Underworld"), Episode 5 ("Let the Right One In", which coincidentally came out the weekend I was in Sweden and which I listened to on the train ride from Stockholm to Uppsala), and the most recent Episode 9 ("Dracula", part 1).

Will you consider, as a Seasonal Gift to me, becoming a Patreon support of Rose Sinister, so she can continue to produce her podcast? You can do so here. If you decide to become a patron, and are comfortable telling me about it, please do in the comments on this post, or PM me. Thank you.

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