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Day 339/365: Toilet use instructions

One of the things that amuses me about my new workplace building is the laminated notice posted in each of the cubicles of the ladies' toilets. This notice provides detailed instructions for proper use of the facilities. When I queried this with my colleagues, the response was, "You should have seen the state of the toilets before those notices went up." o.O

A transcription of the photo is below. Transcription does not include the carefully chosen clip-art illustrations, emojis, and photos. Transcription does include EMPHATIC CAPITALISATION.

To ensure that the toilets remain clean for YOU and OTHER PEOPLE:

  • DO please sit on the toilet appropriately to avoid mess;

  • DO ensure that used toilet roll is placed in the toilet and flushed away;

  • DO check to ensure that the toilet has flushed properly and is clean for the next person to use;

  • DO put all SANITARY WASTE (sanitary towels and tampons) in the provided sanitary bins, next to the toilet;

  • DO NOT leave SANITARY WASTE on the floor;

  • DO NOT put used toilet roll or tissues on the floor - flush them away!

To prevent the spread of germs, please WASH your hands.

Thank you for your cooperation

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