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Day 332/365: I think it might be New Boiler O'Clock

I could not have made this day up.

We got up extra early because the bloke had to get the first train in to New Street so he could get to London.

I had a day full of meetings and producing documents for stressed-out academics trying to meet deadlines.

I got on the train home. The train got stuck at a station (but not on a platform) behind another train that broke down because the high winds had damaged the overhead lines. My train was a diesel so it could continue to Home Station, but it had to wait for the broken train to be removed.

We waited for two hours. My childrens' nursery and school shut, and I had to activate my emergency network to have them rescued, separately.

I was standing up. I never get a seat on this service anyway because it's rammed. I was standing with a fellow parent whose children attend my childrens' school/nursery, at least, and we kept each other's spirits up for a while. It was a long enough wait that nearby passengers joined the conversation and people started sharing food, which in British terms means that everyone was convinced the end times were at hand.

I got in, picked up the children, and came home to find...

...the boiler is broken again! Same fault. I suspect we are looking at a New Boiler Situation. :/

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