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Day 329/365: Vienna U-Bahn: Closing Time

Vienna U-bahn: last train
I'm making a photo book of the past two years' worth of trips to Vienna to try to take advantage of Blurb's substantial Black Friday discount code, which expires Tuesday night.

I had forgotten how much work putting together a photo book is. I was under the delusion that I could finish it if I started at 8 PM. I have just finished 2017 and it's already past my bedtime.

I found the above image in my phone photos, of the U-Bahn at closing time, presumably taken as the bloke and I were toddling back to our AirBnb after several grosse biers.

We've not had the most exciting weekend ever as our boiler broke very early on in the week but neither the bloke nor I were able to stay home from work at all until Friday. (We've been surviving with many layers, dressing gowns, and hot water bottles.) The bloke spent Friday afternoon working from home, only to have the engineer call at 6 PM to say he would come on Saturday morning at 8 AM. Which he did, bless him, but it also took him three hours to fix the boiler. The boiler then worked for a grand total of 24 hours before breaking again, so we spent all of this afternoon at home waiting for another engineer. He turned up at 7:30 PM. It is now fixed again. If it breaks tomorrow, we're stuffed again until next weekend. I have everything crossed that it doesn't.

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