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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

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Day 322/365: The Friday Five on a Sunday [20181118|22:13]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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[with a hint of |telstar kneading my dressing gown and purring]

  1. Have you seen any holiday commercials yet?

    I'm aware that they exist, but because I almost never watch live television thanks to iPlayer, All4, and Netflix, I haven't seen any holiday-centric adverts. Also, I live in the UK, so no Thanksgiving.

  2. Will you or have you ever participated in Black Friday?

    I have not, and I probably won't. Thanksgiving is not a thing here, but Black Friday has been imported. While there is a whole raft of problematic stuff surrounding the concept of Thanksgiving, the actual execution of it isn't terrible. People invite other people round to their houses and feed them, and they all try to be grateful for the good things in their lives. Sometimes said people are not very well acquainted, but everyone attempts to make everyone else feel like they have the option of having said meal rather than being alone. As a person who has moved around a lot in her life and more often than not been far away from close family or friends on Thanksgiving, I have always been pleased that this is a thing. I find it sad that the rabid consumerism has been adopted without the accompanying nice bit with the food and the companionship and the gratitude.

  3. Do you love or despise holiday leftovers?

    I love them. I love that for the week following the holiday, it's really easy to concoct delicious packed lunches.

  4. Have you seen any (non-commercial, i.e. store) holiday lights yet?

    I have seen that the occupants of the garishly lit house on the corner of a street about a mile away have been busily stringing up their lights. They're not on yet, though.

  5. Have you been good to Santa’s way of thinking?

    I have no idea. On a scale of Crowley to Aziraphale, I'd rate myself "adequate".

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[User Picture]From: melissa_maples
2018-11-19 16:09 (UTC)
Black Friday has been imported

Here too - and what's weird is that they've blended the general idea of Thanksgiving into it, so in shops there are a lot of signs with American flags and phrases like 'we give thanks for Americans, who gave us a day of low prices on electronics'.

They mush Christmas and New Year together, as well - it's all celebrated on the 31st, you decorate a 'New Year's tree', and when the countdown happens at midnight, everyone shouts, 'three... two... one... Merry Christmas!' Santa and his reindeer haul the old year away in the sleigh, and then come back a few seconds later with a shiny new one.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2018-11-20 20:00 (UTC)
OH WOW I love the cultural jumble that is both of those. Fantastic. Yes please.
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