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Day 282/365: Stockholm Public Library

On the afternoon of my arrival in Stockholm, [personal profile] cactus_rs met me at a cafe after work so we could have some cheap and tasty risotto followed by a stroll up Sveavagan to the Stockholm Public Library. The building is nice enough from the outside, but it’s the interior that inspires awe. I would give a lot to be reincarnated as this library’s resident cat.

We arrived about 10 minutes before closing, so it was a bit of a mad dash round the place with my camera whilst [personal profile] cactus_rs hunted up a few titles for checkout.

Stockholm Bibliotek
View from the first balcony level toward the big clock. The time reads one minute prior to closing.

Stockholm Bibliotek
“Hiss” means lift/elevator.

Stockholm Bibliotek
Fantasy fiction, anyone?

Stockholm Bibliotek
Pleased to see there are two copies of Dracula available.

Stockholm Bibliotek
Lots of last-minute checking out.

Stockholm Bibliotek
Ceiling light fixture.

Stockholm Bibliotek
Display of unique book-binding styles.

Stockholm Bibliotek
View from the first balcony level toward the front entrance.

I can picture Dreamwidth's resident dragoncat librarian, [personal profile] silveradept, being very happy here indeed.

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