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Day 275/365: Radio recommendation: Rob Newman’s “Total Eclipse of Descartes”

I am currently enjoying repeatedly listening to the three (to date) half-hour episodes of Rob Newman’s “Total Eclipse of Descartes”, in which he takes aim at bad assumptions and prejudices, under the guise of deconstructing philosophical precepts.

It’s a lot funnier than I just made it sound, sorry. For example, he spends the first episode taking apart the attitudes and ideas that underpin the private education system. One of the ways he does this is through a conversation with his seven-year-old daughter.

Her: “Do we believe in IQ?”
Him: “No, love.”
Her: “Why not?”
Him: “Why do you think?”
Her: “I don’t know!”
Him: “Well, have a guess, don’t matter if you’re wrong.”
Her: “Beeeecause you can’t put a single-number valuation on a complex variable?”
Him: “Close enough.”

You can listen to the episodes through the BBC iPlayer (from anywhere in the world, I believe!): here.

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