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Day 247/365: The Room: Old Sins

[Screenshot of the "Japanese Gallery" in The Room: Old Sins]

Do I have any fellow fans of The Room series of games on DW/LJ? The bloke and I played One through Three avidly. They are such beautifully crafted and creepy puzzle games, and the latest is no exception. I am loving it, and have forced myself to put it down this evening to do my daily update and also because I only have three rooms left (I think). I was particularly fond of the submarine and pagoda/giant octopus puzzles in this one. Also, having to do spirographs to unlock the gazebo in the garden!

They are expensive for phone games (~£5), but worth every penny, especially if you like a tantalisingly gothic-steampunk aesthetic with your memory games.

PS Humuhumu could not have had a better first day in Year One. She was in Silver Zone (the best), got to read aloud (her favourite) and received two stars (the most) for her work at the end of the day. Tiny high achiever was deeply content when picked up.

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