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Day 235/365: Climbing (outdoors)

melissa_maples, remember what you were saying about what happens when climbing gyms can no longer contain a natural-born boulderer?

What if you end up spawning two of them? O.O

Keiki attempts to follow Humuhumu up an outdoor climbing wall that is far too big for him.

Keiki: "I'm bein' brave, Mummy, but it's a bit wobbly."
Mummy, aloud: "You're doing great, honey, keep going!"
Mummy, internally: screeeeeaaaaming

Humuhumu on the zip wire: "Push as hard as you can, Daddy!"

Keiki, not to be outdone on the zip wire: "BANZAAAAIII!"
He also flew off the seat at the end the first time round, hit the ground hard, and stood up cackling and screaming hysterically, "DO IT AGAIN!"

Earlier in the day, we took them to the Outdoor Activity Centre so they could drive off-road vehicles, largely unaided, around a bumpy, muddy course. Possibly we are not helping ourselves as parents, hahahaaaa.

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