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Day 232/365: Center Parcs

Okay, so getting here was not exactly the dream journey from camping to luxury Center Parcs lodge we were hoping for. We did encounter some shockingly delicious waffles at a hipster cafe in Windermere. That is the first time in ages that I've had crispy streaky bacon drenched in maple syrup. It is just not a thing in this country. Keiki only wanted some of the waffles, not the bacon, so I happily hoovered up all three slices.

Unfortunately, the waffles came back to revisit us about an hour down the twisty winding mountain roads. Humuhumu popped first. And Keiki followed ten seconds later. Cue stopping in a layby in the pouring rain. Parents stripped off the children, put them in fresh clothes and attempted to disinfect the car armed only with half a pack of wet wipes, a few tissues, a bottle of hand sanitiser, and a bottle of dry shampoo (surprisingly effective on car seats, at least temporarily).

Anyway, we got here, and fortunately one of the lovely things about Center Parcs is that before you check into your accommodation, you can use the massive swimming complex. So we got out, walked up to the changing rooms, showered very thoroughly and enjoyed splashing around in the pools until we could get to our lodge. Once we were allowed in, we bunged in all our stuff, put the groceries in the fridge, and headed out to go bowling.

Now the kids are down, a fire is blazing, Barry is on the stereo, and I gotta go. <3

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