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Day 230/365: Steam yacht gondola

This is turning into a Steam Transport Holiday. Today we went on, of all things, a Steam Yacht Gondola. I was not aware such a thing existed before today and I am converted to it as a mode of transport. She was absolutely beautiful inside and out. We managed to convince the children it was powered by a Fire Dragon in the boiler's belly, which the engineer was feeding in order to keep it happy.

We cruised up and down Lake Coniston, taking in Holly Howe and the boathouses of the Swallows and Amazons. I thought of many of my DW friends and the delight they would take in such a journey, particularly [profile] perenialanna, [personal profile] djm4, and [personal profile] sfred. There are many photos but I will have to wait until Monday to post them. (Current size of photo backlog: titanic)

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