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Day 229/365: Caterpillar, Kelp

I found a caterpillar in my salad today. Well, not so much "found" as "poked my salad with a fork and watched in surprise as a caterpillar leapt to the relative safety of another region of my plate".

Keiki was delighted. As soon as his daddy and Humuhumu appeared from a trip to the WC, he called across the pub, "Daddy! There was a CATERPILLAR in the lettuce and it jumped onto Mummy's LEMON!"

The looks on the faces of the other diners - not to mention the waitstaff - were a sight to behold.

Later, I bought the children a lollipop.

Me: "Keiki, what does your green lollipop taste like?"

Keiki, gravely: "Kelp."

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