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Day 224/365: The Friday Five on a Sunday

  1. Do you like to reply to every comment in your journal?

    Hahaha, yes. This is a big issue for me, and I get very unhappy when I’m behind or have to declare an amnesty on responding to comments on a particular post.

  2. What type of post gets the most/least responses in your journal?

    Of the public posts, the Unscientific Polls always seem to garner the most responses. I don’t post filtered entries very often so those get quite a few as well. Memes and surveys don’t get many responses but are fun to do anyway, because who doesn’t love a spot of navel-gazing?

  3. What do you do when a new person first comments in your journal?

    Reply to them, of course! If I have time, I’ll browse their journal if it’s not access-locked. Once in a while I’ll add them, but I tend to wait until there’s been a bit more interaction for that.

  4. When you're reading someone else's journal, do you read every comment before adding your own?

    No. Especially on LJ, where the “fast comment” option is there on the Friends page.

  5. When is "too late" to reply to an entry?

    Well, I’d like to think it’s never to late, but if, say, I’ve left it more than four weeks before replying to an entry or comments on a entry, I have no expectation for a response.

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