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Day 210/365: Oxwich Bay, South Wales

Family photo on the beach at Oxwich Bay.

The tide was going out when we started our walk from the Oxwich Bay Hotel, where we'd indulged ourselves with the cooked breakfast we hadn't been able to cook at the campsite. At first the children wanted to stay relatively close to the sea wall. Eventually the prospect of finding more live crabs and clams lured them further out into the wind, and we went out to the water, which continued retreating rapidly.

Keiki coming down the slope from the sea wall. Oxwich Bay hotel behind.

Signs of incoming weather further out on the bay. Humuhumu and bloke visible in the foreground.

Humuhumu, blioke and Keiki heading out across the sand.

Panoramic view of the bay, with Humuhumu's tiny figure dancing toward the water's edge.

Four pairs of feet in the sand. I'm guessing it's not difficult to work out which belong to whom.

Humuhumu starts the shell collecting.

The magic shell circle, with contributions from everyone. Most of the big limpets were from Humuhumu, and the still-attached clam shells from Keiki.

Crab friend waves goodbye from the bloke's hand.

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