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Day 209/365: Camping trip aborted

This is the "view" through the front windscreen of our car for much of the afternoon. It normally takes about 3.5 hours to drive from south Wales back to the UK Midlands. It took us almost five to get home. I think the bloke was doing about 30 mph when I took this, due to the poor visibility and water sheeting across the road. And then it started to hail.

This was taken about an hour and a half earlier as we left Oxwich Bay, near our campsite. The condition of the sky in the photo is not representative of the majority of the weather we experienced there. The gale force winds and rain that had been predicted for the weekend arrived 24 hours early, and this was a very brief respite from the storm, which we used to visit the beach we'd come to see. The tent belonging to the friends who'd come to the campsite with us blew down at 3 AM this morning. They were forced to break it all down, repack the car and drive home with their kids (who are the same age as ours). I spent the rest of the night vividly reliving the sleepless, terrified hurricane experiences I'd gone through as a child in Hawai'i.

More photos from Oxwich Bay to follow tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy being warm, dry, and in a bed that doesn't get lifted off the ground by the storms outside.

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