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Day 208/365: Friday's Unscientific Poll: Packing

Yes, I have reduced this to a binary choice. I realise not everyone will feel as passionately about this as I do, and there may even exist some strange folk who are utterly indifferent to packing. But I had to pack today, and am therefore having Strong Feelings about packing.

Poll #2083591 Packing

Do you enjoy packing for journeys?

Yes, I love packing! Making lists, fitting everything into suitcases and bags, decanting stuff into smaller containers, etc.
No. I loathe packing. If I could get away with carrying nothing but a form of ID, phone and cash/credit card for every trip henceforth, I would.

As I've documented before, I despise packing for journeys. I favour traveling lightly so am a one-suitcase-max kind of gal for longer trips. In my heady single/childless days, I used to deal with my hatred of packing via extreme procrastination and would pack drunkenly at 3 AM the night before. This resulted in things like regularly forgetting underwear and going commando for five days. Fun times.

Alas, I have to take more care these days and am therefore obliged to make lists and ensure that everyone has their toothbrushes and an adequate supply of clothing. Camping is even worse (we're going camping this weekend). I would never go camping if I were the one making the decision. I'm fine with it once I get there, but packing for it is the worst.

But yes. When I am an old lady, I shall never pack for a journey. I shall bring my ID, phone, cash/credit card (if indeed we are still using things like that by then) and whatever fits in my small handbag. Everything else I will buy when I get there. Or do without. Like underpants. Yep. Crazy old lady with no underpants, that's totally gonna be me.
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