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Day 203/365: Lido & Oculus Rift

Today we went to Cheltenham and tried out the beautiful lido. There are three pools: a splashy toddler pool, a children's pool and the full-length swimming pool. We spent three hours at the children's pool and had a ball. Humuhumu found her inner mermaid, spending all her time diving down to the bottom and teaching herself to flip and roll. Keiki discovered jumping in from the side unaided and shrieking with glee.

Humuhumu playing the introductory game in Oculus Rift. Keiki and bloke look on.

Then we went over to their cousins' house and had a special treat: we got to try Oculus Rift. I was surprised to find I loved it. I made myself stop after 10 minutes so Humuhumu could have a go. She was as enamoured of it as I was, and found it even more intuitive despite the equipment being a bit big for her.

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