Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Day 191/365: Speckled bush cricket

Keiki and Humuhumu made a new friend at the weekend. Also, they burst a balloon in the paddling pool.

Keiki looks at the bush cricket
Keiki peers at the speckled bush cricket sitting in the bloke's palm. His swimming goggles are round his neck and he's smiling.

Keiki holds the bush cricket
Keiki holds the speckled bush cricket in his outstretched hands. Humuhumu's hand is nearby, hoping the cricket will jump from his hands to hers (it did!).

Keiki and Humuhumu giggle over the burst balloon
Keiki and Humuhumu play tug-of-war with the remains of a burst water balloon. Possibly they are having even more fun than when the balloon was intact.

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