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Day 188/365: Proud Mama Bear

I hope you'll all forgive me for having a bit of a Proud Mama Bear moment here. Humuhumu brought home her first ever school report yesterday. It was rather good. In the 20 categories in which she was evaluated, she was ranked "Exceeding" (the highest) in 17 of them.*

Her teacher wrote:
It has been a pleasure teaching Humuhumu. She is a pleasant and polite little girl who always tries her best and is a joy to teach. She demonstrates curiosity in abundance and is capable of focusing on an activity for a required amount of time, and she always shows high levels of fascination. Humuhumu loves to learn and I hope she never loses this quality! She is very confident to discuss her thoughts and ideas with the class. I would like to see Humuhumu continue developing friendships with her classmates as she does tend to want to only play with [her bestie].** During COOL time her favourite activity is completing challenges on the writing table! She loves to write, colour and create. Humuhumu was amazing in both the Christmas production and our very recent class assembly. She enjoys singing and her confidence in speaking to an audience is wonderful. Good luck in Year One, Humuhumu. I will miss you and wish you every success!

The head teacher wrote:
What a fantastic report, Humuhumu. You can feel very proud of yourself as you have worked hard and learnt lots this year. It has been wonderful to see how your writing has developed and I always enjoy reading your work when I visit your classroom. It has also been good to work with you on the School Council - thanks for your ideas.

* No one is surprised that the three in which she ranked "Expected" (the middle) were social rather than academic, right? Yeah, didn't think so.
** This worries me, but only because I was the same way as a child and I had to learn the hard way that putting all your eggs in one basket wrt friendship is not wise.

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