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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Day 183/365: Whoooooaaa we’re halfway there [20180702|21:35]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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Today heralds the halfway point of Project: 365 Posts. I’ve made at least one post every day for just over six months. This merits some navel-gazing/stock-taking.

Sticking to this daily routine for six months, even when I could only manage a few sentences or a photo, has properly opened the floodgates. For the first three months, I had to work hard to post once a day. As of June, I’m finding it much easier. Not only am I able to tee up posts for the following day, occasionally I have to decide how to distribute three or four pre-composed posts through the following week. Having personal “themes”, like Friday’s Unscientific Poll, Caturday, and Shaggy Pony Updates, also helps with regular content generation.

I find myself making little mental notes about things to post, the same way I put reminders in my calendar. As soon as I can, I open a Google doc on my phone, stick a date on it, and bash out a couple of sentences that are usually enough to work with later when I can use a proper keyboard.

I’m also less afraid to post spontaneously when the mood strikes me. I think this has probably been aided by quitting Twitter. I had feared that quitting Twitter would make me less extemporaneous, and in the immediate aftermath it did, but I seem to have recovered fine. I’m hopeful that my spontaneous (and mostly access-locked) entries are more fluent and of better quality, because I’m always in the mindset that I must compose a coherent a journal entry rather than just blathering into multiple, oft-disorganised tweets.

I’ve had to declare an amnesty on comment replies a couple of times during the project, which I’ve historically been reluctant to do. It’s probably good for me to let go of that compulsion.

On the positive side, replying to others’ posts is becoming easier. I used to overthink every comment, to the point that I often wound up not posting a single sentence that I’d been hemming and hawing over for an hour. No more. The daily practise of reading and writing, plus the time limits I put on myself for reading both LJ and DW lists, mean I get comments out in a couple of minutes, whether they perfectly express what I mean or not.

So I’ll take a moment this evening to raise a glass to reaching the halfway mark. I’m very pleased to have made it this far. Onward to July through December!

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[User Picture]From: daphnep
2018-07-03 02:48 (UTC)
Kudos to you! And while I may not comment that much, I sure do like reading along. I’ve enjoyed the outcomes of this goal, all the way from over here, just by having your writing to read...and shaggy ponies.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2018-07-03 14:51 (UTC)
Thank you! It was a pleasant surprise to find that writing frequently has been so well received.
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[User Picture]From: meathiel
2018-07-03 05:30 (UTC)
Posting every day sounds like quite the feat ... I'm lucky if I manage to post once a week ...
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2018-07-03 14:53 (UTC)
Yes, it's taken a concerted effort and I've had to be proactive about making time for it. For most of the preceding 16 years of blogging, I posted 2-3x per week.
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[User Picture]From: nationofsheep
2018-07-04 06:35 (UTC)
Your commentary on comments is very helpful to me. I have found myself overthinking comments and comment replies. I just overthought a reply to one of your comments. All of that overthinking and typing and untyping to say, "Thank you."
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2018-07-05 07:36 (UTC)
I'm glad it was helpful.

I do lots of typing/backspacing, even in the space of that couple of minutes I allocate myself, so I'm not sure the overthinking has actually gone away entirely. It's just got a bit faster. :P
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