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Day 182/365: Banded demoiselle + The Friday Five on a Sunday

A very obliging banded demoiselle, having a little rest on a water plant in the canal.

  1. Do you enjoy your work?
    Yes, most of the time.

  2. Are you overpaid or underpaid for the work you do (or last did)?
    I would say I’m adequately paid from the point of view of working in a support role in academia. If the powers that be decide to gut my pension in the next two years, though, I will consider this job to be inadequately compensated for a lifetime’s service. Also, if I were working in industry doing the same sort of thing, for my current salary with my qualifications and level of experience, I would likely consider myself underpaid.

  3. What one thing do you dislike most about your work?

  4. What one thing would make your work life happier or more satisfying?
    [ALSO REDACTED] Can you tell I don’t want to talk about it?

  5. Do you try to fit into your workplace’s culture? What does that entail?
    My workplace’s culture is pretty relaxed, so I fit in just fine. If I were in the office more frequently, I would probably drag everyone to the pub more often, but we do pretty well on socialising outside of work even without that.

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