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Day 157/365: Running and fitness

I ran 5k on a slight incline in 29:30 today at the gym, almost seven months after joining. \o/

I have been pretty good about going to the gym 2-3 times a week since last November, but I was being very careful not to push myself too hard too early. This is because it took me much longer to recover from two pregnancies and births than the conventional wisdom would have us believe. Keiki was almost three when I joined the gym. But I could tell then that I was not ready to start running again for long periods of time until my abdominal muscles and pelvic floor had been painstakingly rebuilt.

So, as I’ve written before, I started off doing most of my cardio on the elliptical trainer, gradually adding in time on the treadmill. I did abdominal exercises and some strength training for my arms and legs.

I have now given up the elliptical entirely, and as of three weeks ago, I can spend up to 45 minutes running (at between 9 and 10 kph) on the treadmill.

Today, for the first time, I decided to see if I could run 5k on a 1.5 degree incline in under 30 minutes. I managed, it, just. My PB when I was at my fittest a few years ago was 28 minutes. I’d like to get back to that point or surpass it, but to do that, I probably need to lose some more weight.

I deliberately didn’t try to both rebuild my fitness and lose weight when I joined the gym in November. Now I’ve got my endurance back, though, I’ve begun to pay attention to my diet. I’m not counting calories, but I have cut out snacks and pudding, am only having alcohol a maximum of three days a week, and one drink only when I do. Ideally I’d like to lose 10 kilos. This would put me on the slim end of the typical weight range for my height while still in the “healthy” range of BMI. I know from experience that this means exercising a lot (gotta run 5k pretty fast, at least three times a week) and no “cheating” on the eating restrictions, so I doubt I’ll manage 10 kilos, realistically. But even five would make me a lot happier, and more comfortable in my usual wardrobe. The goal is to manage that on the first anniversary of joining the gym. I’ll check in again in November.

ETA: I wrote this entry this morning, whilst still full of endorphins. It’s now the afternoon and I feel like I’m going to die, haaaaa.

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