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Day 117/365: Friday’s Unscientific Poll: One to wash and one to wear

Poll #2080828 One to wash and one to wear

For a daily uniform, how many of each item of required clothing (apart from shoes) should one possess?

At least one
At least two

I would love to pretend that this poll was not inspired by an ongoing petty argument between the bloke and I, but, well, it is.

I grew up mostly not having to wear a school uniform apart from in very early childhood. Here in the UK, nearly everyone grows up wearing a school uniform from Reception (kindergarten) through to sixth form (age 17). The idea of having to put my child in a uniform for school still makes me uncomfortable for reasons I haven’t fully thought through yet, although assuredly a navel-gazing post will ensue once I do.

Anyway, my point is, I had never had to think through the logistics of putting on a uniform on a daily basis. I asked the advice of The Ladies Loos comm on DW and got helpful answers. The advice was to have at least two of every item of required clothing apart from school shoes.

I handled the acquisition of nearly all of Humuhumu’s school wardrobe apart from the jumpers, which have to be specially embroidered with the school logo. I asked the bloke to go and get those. Please note the plural.

He came back with one.

Unwilling to go and purchase a second jumper (petty, I know), I figured I’d wait until the occasion arose when it became obvious she should have a second jumper, so I could be smug (SO PETTY).

Here is where I ran up against the problem of having a child who’s careful with her things. It took her until earlier this month to lose her jumper. It was missing for three days. Three warm days, during which she could wear her gingham dress without the jumper, which doesn’t violate the dress code. Just as we were almost agreed that she should have a second jumper, we found it in the after-school club cloakroom.

It is now close enough to the end of the school year that even I’m reluctant to acquire a second jumper, because she’ll probably have outgrown it by next September. But I maintain that there should have been two jumpers all along, because of the times when we had to put a wash on late at night to clean yesterday’s dinner off her jumper. Okay, so I would put a wash on. The bloke would send her to school in a dirty jumper. Since I pointed it out to her, she has stopped getting her dinner on her jumper. On the one hand, this is great because it means less washing. On the other hand, it is not helping me to win the petty argument. Argh!
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