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Day 113/365: Vienna: Day 2 baby monkey + Day 3 [20180423|20:22]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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Day 113/365: Vienna: Day 2 baby monkey + Day 3

I forgot to post the baby monkey from the Tiergarten yesterday. What an oversight! Here is the baby monkey.

Clinging to Mummy’s fur while she strips leaves from a branch.

Being offered a yellow flower by a zookeeper. (Apologies for the reflections; I don’t have a polarising filter for this lens.)

We got going slowly on our third day in Vienna. Everyone was still pretty tired after spending all of the previous day walking around outside in the sun.

Humuhumu used the wooden shape kit in the childrens’ room to create this flower.
Keiki added the finishing touches - “more green”, as usual.

After getting dressed, we embarked on our tram stop tour of Viennese parks. A selection of photos from our favourites is below the cut.

Big sand pits are a feature of most Viennese playgrounds. Lots of people bring their own toys, but there is usually a selection of communal tools available as well.

Keiki finds a green sand toy.

And of course, burying your sibling in the sand is one of those party gags that never gets old.

Humuhumu on the roundabout.

The bridge over the river in the Stadtpark is a lock bridge (see the bases of the green railings). The locks have messages, mostly initials inside hearts, on them.

Keiki wanted to take a green lock home with us. I explained to him that we could not remove the locks because (a) the people who put them there wanted them to stay there and (b) we didn’t have the keys. We’d need bolt cutters. To which his response was, “Mummy, are there bolt cutters in your handbag?” O.O

Finally, to Karlsplatz, where we played on the very busy, very big playground. (I didn’t take photos because it was impossible not to get other people’s children in them.) And ice cream in front of Karlskirche.

Noteworthy: The space they’re running around in is the large Karlsplatz pool/fountain. It was full of water two days later!

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[User Picture]From: meathiel
2018-04-24 05:29 (UTC)
That baby monkey looks like a skull ...
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nanila
2018-04-24 08:27 (UTC)
It does. A particularly mournful skull. Goth monkey!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)