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Day 92/365: Castle conquered

Our time at the castle has been spent in archetypal bank holiday weekend weather. It took us five hours to complete an allegedly three hour journey in driving rain on the way here. It has been freezing cold, continuously drizzly and the ground has been sodden since the hour we arrived.

Somehow we have contrived to have a lovely time. We have been alternately reading, drawing/colouring and playing games with the cousins according to age & predilection. We've been for a swim at the cousins’ swanky gym (not quite Centre Parcs but still rather good), and to a National Trust property for a nearly solitary Easter Egg hunt in freezing drizzle. I've finished three books and part of two more, which is very nearly my usual quarterly total. (I used to read a lot more in the days B.C.)

Now to curl up for a final laze in front of the blazing fire. Back home tomorrow, where I will catch up on comments and DW/LJ lists. ♥

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