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Day 82/365: Friday's Unscientific Poll: Self-driving cars

Poll #2079715 Self-driving cars

When self-driving cars become available to the general public for use, my preferred option will be

To purchase one for my own personal use
To have shared ownership in a fleet of local cars
To be a member of a self-driving car-providing service
To use self-driving taxis
Not to use them

I will miss controlling my own vehicle.


Public transport

Is awesome.

I loathe driving. I do it because I have to, mostly to get the kids to nursery and preschool in a timely fashion and still be able to work a full day. And to get the kids to their various activities, playdates and parties. I am going to absolutely love it when self-driving cars become the norm.

I will also probably want to own one myself, because I live in the countryside. I suspect shared use of fleets of self-driving cars will work well in cities, but in the countryside, it will probably be exactly like current taxi services: you have to be willing to wait an hour during busy time for a car to be available, in which case you're going to be late for school/work or miss your train. (This is often true even if you have allegedly booked in advance.) So we'll probably find rural ownership of self-driving cars is more common, just because people want the degree of freedom that affords.

I will miss controlling my own vehicle not at all. I'll feel a tiny pang of regret that a skill I worked very hard to acquire, driving a manual vehicle on English country roads, is rendered useless. But humans are terrible drivers. I will be pleased when our roads are full of silent, efficient, traffic-law-obeying fleets of self-driving vehicles. Bring on the robot revolution.

In closing, have a Dinosaur Comic that accurately sums up my feelings about driving.

Transcription below.
T-rex: I've heard of a cool new game! It's dull and repetitive and uninteresting, and each game can take HOURS to get through! I believe it's called..."DRIVING"??
T-rex: Driving is a cool game to play because it requires you to focus on it LITERALLY EVERY SECOND YOU'RE PLAYING, and even though a tiny mistake can kill you instantly, the game is so incredibly boring it can ACTUALLY LULL YOU INTO SLEEP.

Dromecimomimus: Do I have time to correct my mistakes?

T-rex: Oh sure! SOMETIMES??

Utahraptor: If I die in the game, do I die in real life?

T-rex: Hah! YOU WISH. That's just the start!
T-rex: If you're lucky, only you die in real life. But you can also kill your loved ones, complete strangers, rando dudes: the possibilities are endless!

Utahraptor: I don't want to play your game. It sounds monstrous.

T-rex: You know how in scifi stroies they'll discover sinister time-travelling aliens have been manipulating Earth's events for centuries?

Utahraptor: Yeah?

T-rex: ...I wonder if we'll ever know who we cheesed off in 1886.
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