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Day 71/365: Barber shop quartet

Keiki's first trip to the barber
Keiki in the barber's chair, reflected in the mirror grinning with glee as the bloke and Humuhumu look on and the barber wraps him in a red checked cloth.

This weekend, Keiki had his first haircut. Well, his first haircut that was not administered by Daddy and/or Mummy. It was by far the best hair-cutting experience he's ever had. There were no tears, there was no screaming and he did everything the barber asked him to. He really enjoyed it, and not just because he was promised a lolly by the barber at the end. I am immensely relieved that I will never again have to wield a pair of sharp scissors next to his ears while he howls his lungs out.

Keiki's spiky gelled 'do
Check out this cool dude and his spiky gelled 'do.

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