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Day 27/365: Snowboarding

As amused as I am at how many people have Opinions about taps, I won't be getting back to your comments today. My apologies.

This is because I have just spent an entire day (9 AM to 5 PM) learning to snowboard. Or, as our instructor so tactfully put it, "hauling ourselves repeatedly up a hill and then falling down a lot."

I am pleased to have survived the experiment whilst retaining my ability to walk. I do have, however, a bump on my head and a badly bruised coccyx. I'm still kicking myself for not wearing my padded cycling leggings under my waterproof trousers and instead going for my standard workout leggings.

I managed to go down the hill once on my own heel-edge, and most of the way once toe-edge, without falling over. When they got to the demonstration of turning in the afternoon, I just laughed. I will certainly not be "snowboarding to recreational standard" (as per the blurb for the course) without several more lessons. Or possibly never.

Here is a photo of us at the end. Astonishingly, we're all still smiling. The one without a helmet was our skillful and lovely instructor Kasha. Then there's me. Then there's the instigator of this particular lark. Our daughters are currently taking snowboarding lessons together, and are already more skillful than we are. The person on the end in the blue helmet is another friend she talked into attending.

If you'll excuse me, I'm now going to go drink a lot of mint tea and take some ibuprofen in the hopes that I will be able to bend down enough to hug my children tomorrow.

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