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Day 9/365: Friendship & food [20180109|22:27]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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P, H and me
Selfie with friends P and H. Glasses gang!

Tonight I went to dinner with a friend and ex-colleague (H) whom I haven't seen for a year and a half. We talked and laughed and we ate delicious Filipino food together. Not a half-bad way to spend an evening, and I got to introduce both of them to the joys of pancit and purple ice cream, which I'm pleased to report they thoroughly appreciated.

Milkfish, tilapia and vegetables on a bed of rice, with extra vegetables and soup on the side. Plate of pancit as well, for sharing. So much yum. All eaten.

[FAO [personal profile] kake: yes, that is Lutong Pinoy again!]

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[User Picture]From: owlfish
2018-01-09 23:52 (UTC)
That was such a good meal. Especially the fish and the plantains and the company.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2018-01-11 11:48 (UTC)
It was! I note that on this occasion there was also chicken adobo, and it was much better (not dry/overcooked) than it was in the kamayan.
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