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Day 5/365: Lovely surprises from my auto-upload to Flickr

Humuhumu self portrait
Humuhumu self-portrait in Toca Hair Salon 3.

I have my phone set to automatically upload any photos Humuhumu takes in her games (mostly from Toca Boca) privately to my Flickr account. Today I got a lovely surprise when I found this self-portrait she'd made. She had shown it to me a few days earlier but I hadn't realised she'd saved it. She's wearing her blue-framed glasses, and the hair is just so, and the smile is exactly right, and she's chosen to wear a Saturn t-shirt. I mean it's just perfect. <3

Humuhumu and baby and me
One more, from over the holiday period. Me, Humuhumu and Anonymous Adorable Baby. See what I mean about the smile?

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