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Day 3/365: Small games update

Guess who’s still playing Pokémon Go. Yep. I was sucked in again by the Gen 3 updates, and as I got a fair amount of walking done during the holidays. Although it was mostly in rural Norfolk where there are Pokéstops about every 2-3 miles if you’re lucky. Thus, my egg hatch page currently looks like this:

Egg hatch page with two eggs, both in incubators.

It hasn’t been that empty since I first started playing the game in July 2016. I do like that the egg pages now let you know the date when you picked up each egg. This is helpful for someone like me, who prefers to walk an egg before it goes a bit stale.

One advantage of playing in rural Norfolk is that I popped my Snorlax in a gym and it is still there eight days later. I may get my first gold gym badge this way. Of course, it’ll be another six months before I can cash in on that again, but hey, gold gym badge!

Here are my two favourite recent Gen 3 acquisitions:

Wailmer. Takes 400 candies to evolve! Phwoar. It’s a good thing I live next to a body of water.

Luvdisc. I mean, awwww.

I’m still feeding my cats every day in Neko Atsume. A new cat was released in December, and I have already got its memento. I also redecorated with some of the new toys. It looks to me as if it’s also now possible to design a monochrome garden with the black/white/grey toys, which I’m going to try the next time I get a little break.

Here’s Sooty.

Sooty’s memento: Game pieces.

I have so many gold fish stockpiled I can afford to feed my cats with Deluxe Tuna all the time. And yet I am still not bored.

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