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Throwback Thursday, miraculously, actually on a Thursday.

Are you ready for this? I'm not sure I am, tbh.

Me in front of the Christmas tree I'd decorated all on my own, ca 1980-something. Was I an unusually cool tweenie with rather liberally minded parents, you ask, with my NWA t-shirt? No, no, I wasn't. That t-shirt was for my gymnastics club (Northwest Athletics).

Me reading the comics page (Remember those? Feel old now? Yes, me too.) from the Sunday newspaper with my legs balanced over a chair. I remember this being one of my favourite reading positions. I also enjoyed sitting upside down in chairs (head resting on the floor, feet up the back).

Me and my cousins, waiting for a plane. I think this was in Oakland airport. I have my Cabbage Patch doll clutched in my arms. One of my cousins is throwing shaka brah, because he is much cooler than me.

The crowning glory for this set:
Me cuddled up under a flowery duvet with a much-too-big terrible old grey knitted hat on and our cat in my arms. I had a cold and was in bed feeling sorry for myself.

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