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Two things that have made me happy recently

This is a photograph of two children's Stage 2-3 car seats. This may not look exciting to you, but believe me, I was thrilled, because Keiki is no longer in one of those five-point harness jobs (Stage 0/1). It has never been a joy getting him into that seat, especially once he was big enough to figure out that he could make it really difficult to get the harness fastened just by leaning forward/leaning backward/sitting on his foot/trying to lick your face/insert any annoying activity, he's guaranteed to have tried it.

I will clean up and donate his old seat. I was, however, sorely tempted to stage an "Office Space printer" execution [link goes to YouTube video, 01:38] for it. It should be grateful I don't own a baseball bat.

When this photo was taken, we were on Package #10 of 12 of the Lego Saturn V. As usual, I am Assembly Engineer and the bloke is Integration Engineer. We are drinking tea out of what are possibly the world's nerdiest mugs: The Grand Challenge Equations (courtesy of the San Diego Supercomputing Centre some 15 years ago) and the Cassini Grand Finale commemorative cup. Telstar is helping us.

We now have only Package 12 left, with the lunar module and nose cone.

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