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Throwback Thursday on a Monday

One of the fun things about visiting the parental abode is going through and labelling old photographs. Here I share a selection of those featuring me at various stages of my childhood.

Here I am sitting in the frame of what would become my aunt and uncle's house. I have no idea what image I was actually trying to achieve here, but I can't look at this without thinking of Heathers.

I am six. I am eating a chocolate ice lolly in 35 C heat. It appears not to have been the tidiest experience.

I think this was at Knotts Berry Farm on a trip to California? My dad and me were some pretty cool dudes, let me tell you.

Me with my viola before a high school Christmas concert. SO MUCH HAIR.

AND FINALLY. The crowning glory.
My Halloween costume in 1991. Hashtag dyinggg.

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