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Glasses mixup

We went to the pub last night to sit by the canal and enjoy some celebratory holiday pizzas. After a couple of lime and sodas, everyone got a bit silly and our (eye, not drinks) glasses got mixed up.

[Humuhumu and Keiki grinning across a wooden patio table at the pub. Humuhumu is wearing Daddy’s sunglasses and Keiki is wearing mine.]

[Humuhumu wearing my sunglasses. She’s wearing a yellow dress and matching hair bobbles hold up her bunches. She’s smiling with her chin in her hands.]

[Keiki wearing my sunglasses. He has to hold them on with his hands. He’s wearing his blue lion t-shirt and sun hat. A half-filled glass of lime and soda sits in front of him.]

[Humuhumu wearing Daddy’s sunglasses. She’s looking up at the camera rather seriously.]

[The bloke wearing Humuhumu’s sunglasses. He has his chin perched thoughtfully on one hand.]

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