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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

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Bank holiday weekend photodump [20170601|18:52]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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Since I’d best get these posted before next weekend happens, have a selection of photos from the bank holiday weekend.

This prequel is from work in London on the Friday before the weekend. Everyone’s favourite selfie-loving tattooed physicist ([twitter.com profile] mggttaylor) came to lunch with the Rosetta team. We talked comets and outreach and heavy metal. Beer may or may not have been consumed.

Then I went back to Worcestershire and the weekend proper began.

The buildings museum near us has added some fantastic children’s play areas recently, so we took the cousins to explore them with us.

Keiki watches Humuhumu slide down the fireman’s pole.

If there’s something to climb, she will climb it.

Humuhumu climbing the ropes on the obstacle course to the apple house.

Humuhumu inside the apple house. Keiki on the steps leading up to the apple house.

Cousin in the apple house. Humuhumu makes her escape on the other set of ropes.

Humuhumu riding Frankie the pony.

Keiki, preparing to dismount from Frankie the pony.

Keiki with a green rosette, Humuhumu with purple, Niece with blue.

Humuhumu jumping off a whetstone stack.

We put tents out in the garden (there wouldn’t have been enough beds for everyone otherwise).

Keiki swinging a plastic cricket bat.

Humuhumu in her gymnastics leotard and tights.

Humuhumu, Keiki and cousins engrossed in various media. (Niece is reading Very British Problems and chuckling occasionally.)

There was a trip to the pub for “a drink” which turned into three before we staggered home to make dinner.

Niece, Niece’s dad, bloke and Keiki walking through the pub garden.

Bloke and his sister (Niece’s mum).

Canal lock group portrait, taken by the bloke with my dSLR.

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