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Films Wot I Have Seen Recently: "Miss Peregrine's..." and "Suicide Squad"

Whilst I hammer desperately at my photo backlog so I can record some life happenings here, have a couple of film reviews.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: I saw this on the plane from the USA to the UK while the children were asleep. Being unfamiliar with this and book series upon which it’s based apart from the title, I thought, “Oh good, let’s check this out. Maybe I can watch it with Humuhumu in a couple of years. It’s got Eva Green in it; it must be good.”

And yes, it’s good. But as for “watching it with my child in a couple of years”, OH MY GOODNESS NO. It was TERRIFYING. And not just because of the eye violence*. All the evil monster designs were ripped straight from Pan’s Labyrinth, which, whilst also an excellent film, is SEARED ON MY MEMORY because it was so scary.

* whyyyyyy do all of the most disturbing films involve eye violence. PLEASE STOP.


Suicide Squad: Okay. I concede that this film is overall pretty terrible. It is. Let me just say that straightaway. It’s trope-tastic, cliched, nonsensical and ridiculous.

But. I really delighted in watching it. For two reasons: 1) Harley and 2) Waller. I’m a sucker for a romance no matter how screwed up it is, and Harley is the embodiment of incorrigible screwed-up romantic. She’s got the best comic timing of all the characters in the film, and if there’s anything the film desperately needs it’s some humour, which the Joker does NOT provide, despite cackling his head off at everything. And I also love that although she enjoys her idiot boyfriend’s rescue attempts (see: incorrigible screwed-up romantic), she does not actually need his “help”.

As for Waller? She is NAILS. And how. The film drives home the point that it’s shocking because she’s a tiny black woman, and because no one can see how completely ruthless she is except Harley and Deadshot (because Will Smith is in this film, and every character Will Smith plays has to be able to see The Truth at all times even if it’s NOT AT ALL in his character’s profile).

To extract maximum enjoyment from this film, I also recommend ignoring the "plot" and scenes involving Cara Delevingne.

Verdict: Will probably get caught rewatching whilst drinking whisky, cackling uproariously over the cheesiest lines and crying sentimentally over Harley / Joker.

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