Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Status: Extreme Busyness

I've had a heck of a week. Keiki was off nursery Tuesday and Wednesday. I looked after him on Tuesday. I flew from Birmingham to Noordwijk on Wednesday and the bloke looked after Keiki. I was at an all-day meeting on Thursday at ESTEC (ESA centre in the Netherlands). I flew to London on Thursday night. This morning (Friday) I went to a four-hour meeting (at which I gave a presentation) and then ran over to another building to give an outreach talk to a large group of teenage girls about what it's like to be a spacecraft engineer.

At least I did it all whilst looking rivet af.

[Me in my Noordwijk hotel room, wearing Docs, purple tights, my black wool coat with the fluffy collar and my engineer dress from Svaha.]

[Keiki with our first daffodil.]

[Humuhumu and Keiki pretending to be ducks.]

[Panorama from my hotel room window. I got the top floor this time!]

[Saying hello to the mermaid in front of the Palace Hotel.]

[Me in the hotel bar with vodka tonic, sporting my Solar Orbiter polo shirt.]

[Starling murmuration over the Huis ter Duin hotel in Noordwijk at sunset.]

[Walkway down to the beach from the Noordwijk promenade at sunset.]

I could wear those moonboots
[My booted foot in the moonboot footprint on the Noordwijk promenade.]

[Selfie on the Noordwijk beach, looking out at the sunset.]

[View over central London at night from the plane.]

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